Led Mosquito trap Killer Lamp UV Night Light USB Insect Killer Bug Zapper Lantern Repellent

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Main Features:

According to the phototaxis of the mosquito, attracts the mosquito effectively

● Little fan noise, will not affect your sleep

Non-toxic, safe to human

● USB charging, convenient to use

● Energy-saving


● Input: DC 5V

● Power: 5W

● Noise: less than 35-40 dB

USB cable length: 3.6 feet/1.1 meter


● Let it work for more than 48 hours continuously when first time use

● Please close the doors and windows during the day and pull the curtains to ensure they are used in dark environment

● Try to place it about 1 meter above the ground

● Do not turn on the lights, open the doors and windows, do not put in the air conditioner or fan outlet

● Turn off all other lights during mosquito killing and ensure that the mosquito killer is the only source of light

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